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What are the covenants that need to be amended for this project?

The covenants were established in 1937. The five main points are:

  1. No principal residence shall be erected on any one tract of land of less than four (4) acres in extent, any one dimension of which shall be not less than two hundred (200) feet, except that the occupant of such principal residence may erect on such tract one (1), but not more than one (1), separate additional residence as living quarters for guest or servants.
  2. No principal residence shall be constructed which shall cost less than Seventy-Five Hundred Dollars ($7,500.00), and no separate residence for guest or servants shall be erected which shall cost less than Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00).
  3. No principal residence, separate residence for children, guests or servants, stable, barn, chicken house, kennel, incinerator, garage, or other building shall be erected within fifty (50) feet from any property line and within seventy-five (75) feet from the center line of any highway or road.
  4. Said real estate shall be used for residential and farming purposes only: said real estate shall not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever, nor shall any advertising signs or billboards be erected thereon.
  5. No person or persons other than of the Caucasian Race shall be permitted to occupy any portion of said real estate, except as a servant of a Caucasian owner or Caucasian tenant residing thereon.

They are outdated, to say the least. You can view the proposed amendment here.


If the Dunham Castle is released from the covenant, will the entire covenant end?

The covenant itself does not contain this statement (it says that 2/3rds of the owners of property within the covenant may “release all of the real estate hereby restricted…”). It is our belief that if the release of one property was intended to “end the entire covenant” the document would have to contain that statement, which it does not.


If the covenant allows one exception for the Dunham Castle, what will prevent the developer from doing whatever he wants with the property?

If the amendment is approved, the project in its entirety will be subject to the strict oversight of the Village of Wayne. It will be subject to public hearings before the Village Board and should the Board allow zoning change, the project will have to comply with all other Village codes, including building codes.


What is the Village of Wayne’s commitment to the project and the developer?

There have not been any formal meetings with the Village Board and no commitment, secret or otherwise, from anyone affiliated with the Village has been made. Those with whom we have informally discussed the project have emphasized that there could be no formal consideration given to the project until the property has been released from the covenants, and no one has offered even speculation as to what the Village Board might do should it be given the opportunity to consider an application for a special use permit to allow the project to go forward.


If Dunham Castle were east of Dunham Road would it be subject to the convenants?

No, it would not.


How long do I have to make a decision?

The amendment must be signed and delivered by September 22, 2013.  We will be available at Dunham Castle on Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 to answer questions and provide the amendment information to those who may need it.


What will happen to Dunham Castle if the bank doesn’t get enough signatures by September 22, 2013?

The Dunham Castle’s future would be in doubt and it’s likely the property would be subdivided.


What is Jeff Bussean’s history?

Mr. Bussean has been in business for 38 years. He has owned and operated Bussean Custom Caterers since 1975. He has owned and operated The Chateau Bu-Sche’ since 1985 and also The Patrick Haley Mansion since 1995. Both The Chateau Bu-Sche’ and The Patrick Haley Mansion have undergone amazing transformations from distressed properties to beautiful assets to their communities.


How do you intend to renovate the castle?

The Dunham Castle will require a complete renovation with all new mechanicals and finishes. All structural problems will be addressed and the building will be brought to current building codes and ADA compliance. The final product will be stunning and a compliment to the village of Wayne.


What is the expected cost of the project?

The entire project, including renovations of the castle, will be approximately 7 million dollars.


What will the addition look like?

The addition will not look like an addition to the Castle. Every effort will be made to blend and complement the existing structure and only a stunning display of perfection will be accepted.


Will there be a new entrance to Dunham Castle?

Yes. The new grand entrance will be off Dunham Road approximately 350 feet north of Army Trail Road creating a beautiful entrance to the Dunham Castle.


What about noise?

Noise won’t be a problem as the Dunham Castle is located on a 15 acre parcel and events will be held indoors. The Chateau Bu-Sche’ and The Patrick Haley Mansion are located in densely populated neighborhoods without ever a single complaint.


What about lighting?

We are very sensitive to lighting because of its drama and beauty but understand the concerns of our neighbors. Every effort will be made to provide adequate lighting. It will not be intrusive to our neighbors.


What about traffic?

A traffic study is being conducted, but it is expected that additional traffic burdens will be a small fraction of 1%. We anticipate perhaps less than 1 tenth of 1%.


What about parking?

We intend to have parking for 180 cars. The parking lot will be screened by landscaping and will not be visible from Dunham Road, Army Trail Road or from any adjacent property.


When do you receive deliveries and are the trucks loud?

Deliveries are mostly on Wednesday and Thursday between 10am and 3pm. We will likely be using many of the same providers as the Dunham Riding Club and the local Country Clubs.


How will this affect the value of my home and property?

Because the Dunham Castle will be such a magnificent credit to Wayne, it should enhance property values.


How many guests will attend functions at the Dunham Castle?

Approximately 600 guests per week.


What will be the seating capacity?

The maximum seating will be around 400.


How late will events end at Dunham Castle?

Typically 11:30pm on Friday and Saturday nights and 10:00pm on Sundays, although there will be many afternoon events as well.


Will there be functions for the community?



What about the annual fox hunt?

Every effort will be made to accommodate the fox hunt on the front lawn of the Dunham Castle.


What about the existing horse trails?

The horse trails will be preserved although they will be rerouted.


How does the village of Wayne benefit from this?

The Dunham Castle will be open to everyone for use and for tours. It is anticipated that there will be many events for the people of Wayne.


May I tour the Castle?

Yes, but we anticipate there will be designated times by appointment.


What will the Dunham Castle Museum consist of?

The Dunham Castle Museum will have artifacts that have been gathered by many groups. We anticipate this will be an ongoing process.


What classes will be taught at the fine arts center?

That is still to be determined, but it would be a way for residents to enjoy Dunham Castle.


Will there be summer concerts on the lawn?

We think it is a great idea, but would prefer to make all arrangements in conjunction with the Village of Wayne.


Will the ballroom be used for concerts occasionally?

We think it would be important that the Dunham Castle be available to everyone and this would be one way for the citizens of Wayne to enjoy the property.


If the Dunham Castle is exempted from the covenants, will my property still be subject to the covenants?



Will there be a restaurant open to the public at Dunham Castle?

No, although we anticipate many community activities.


Will there be a bar open to the public at Dunham Castle?

No, that’s not what we envision.


May the Village of Wayne hold their meetings and assemblies at Dunham Castle?

Absolutely, we will not only welcome local groups to utilize the Dunham Castle but encourage them to do so.


Why do you want a cultural center?

This is something I’ve always wanted to do and the Dunham Castle would be the perfect place. I would prefer it to be centered on children as I believe there is not enough emphasis on the arts in our education system.


How can I help?

Your help would be to talk to your neighbors and contacts in regards to any other questions they might have in regards to Dunham Castle and to encourage their support.


May I volunteer my time?

Yes. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in our effort to save Dunham Castle. We may need help in our petition drive. Click here to visit our Get Involved page.


If you have any other questions, click here to send them to us via email.